About PACE

How to join PACE

PACE is the largest property and liability risk pool of education organizations in the state, representing more than 200 school districts, charter schools, community colleges and education service districts.

Take ACTION to protect your PACE membership, adopt the Joinder to Trust Agreement

PACE member boards must adopt a board resolution and return the FORM of Joinder to Trust Agreement to PACE by March 15, 2019, to continue receiving PACE benefits. PACE Trustees have approved a new PACE Declaration of Trust that requires this adoption by member boards.

  1. Please find the complete documents here.
    1. Memo to Members, FAQ & PACE Restated Trust Agreement
  2. Joinder Agreement to be signed and returned no later than March 15, 2019 by Board members. Joinder to Trust Agreement
  3. Return the Joinder Agreement to: pace@osba.org


Hire an insurance agent to obtain PACE Coverage.

Public K-12 districts and education service districts pay annual dues to OSBA based on their December 31 ADMr figures from the Oregon Department of Education.

Community college dues are paid to OSBA by the Oregon Community Colleges Association.

Charter schools pay annual dues to OSBA based on their December 31 ADM figures from the Oregon Department of Education. Because charter schools are legally separate organizations from their sponsoring school district, charter school membership in OSBA is separate from the sponsoring school district.


  1. Find an agent.  PACE does not recommend agents but a list of current agents can be provided upon request. Please contact the underwriting department at underwriting@sdao.com for further information.

Contact PACE for more information.