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PACE Board of Trustees

List of the PACE Board of Trustees

John Rexford, (Trustee Emeritus) [Email]
Leadership Support Spec
High Desert ESD
Debbie Laszlo, (Chair) [Email]
Regional Risk/Benefits Manager
Redmond 2J
Sharla Andresen, (Vice chair) [Email]
Director of Contracts & Risk
Central Oregon CC
Adam Stewart, (Trustee) [Email]
Capital Projects Officer
Hillsboro 1J
Brett Yancey, (Trustee) [Email]
Chief Operations Officer
Springfield 19
Craig Prewitt, (Trustee) [Email]
Board Member
Phoenix-Talent 4
Marie Knight, (Trustee) [Email]
Business Manager
Vernonia 47J
Mike Schofield, (Trustee) [Email]
Chief Financial Officer
Gresham-Barlow 10
Tenneal Wetherell, (Trustee) [Email]
South Coast ESD 7
Tim Belanger, (Trustee) [Email]
Business Services Director
Oregon Trail 46