Nominate a deserving program for a PACE Award

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About PACE Awards . . .

As we all work together to create safe environments for students and staff and to keep insurance costs low, we recognize there are programs and individuals who contribute greatly to the success of the PACE program by reducing liability, avoiding claims and thus saving the pool money.

The PACE Awards Program recognizes achievements that allow members to better serve the students of Oregon. From the group of award recipients, one will be chosen to be the "School Safety Star" - and will be awarded $5,000 in grant funds to implement a safety program, as approved by PACE Risk Management staff.

Nominate an individual or member program by January 19, 2018.

Outstanding Program Award

This award recognizes innovative projects and programs, outstanding safety, public awareness, implementation of effective building and safety programs and outstanding achievement. Awards will be considered according to the following categories, based on PACE members’ average daily membership (ADM) as reported to the Oregon Department of Education: 

  • K-12  Members with 1-499 ADM
  • K-12  Members with 500-999 ADM
  • K-12  Members with 1,000-2,999 ADM
  • K-12  Members with 3,000 and more ADM
  • Education Service District members
  • Community College members

Outstanding Program Award nomination form:

Outstanding Service Award

This award recognizes individuals who have contributed substantially to the improvement and successful operation of the PACE member. Awards have been established in four areas:

  • Board member
  • Administrator/supervisor
  • Employee
  • Volunteer

Outstanding Service Award nomination form:

How do I submit a nomination?
Complete the appropriate nomination form and submit to PACE by January 19, 2018. Forms will be accepted via mail and email to PACE, Attn. Dave Harvey, 1201 Court St., NE, Suite 400, Salem, OR 97301 or

How are entries judged?
Nominations are reviewed by a panel using evaluation criteria such as impact for other districts, positive results, increased safety, cost savings, improved service, innovation and community need.

How will the recipient be notified?
Awards will presented at PACE Day, April 19, 2018. We will notify recipients in time to make arrangements for them to attend PACE Day if available. If they are unable to attend, we’ll mail or deliver the award. The School Safety Star winner must be present at PACE Day to receive the award.

I have questions...
Call Risk Management, 800-285-5461 or 503-371-8667, or email