PACE experience makes the difference in flood recovery at Intermountain ESD

In the wee hours of a frigid January night, the water pipes froze and burst in the main offices of InterMountain Education Service District in Pendleton. The flood engulfed an entire wing of the former hospital and inundated the basement, which housed the operation's technology group.

The IMESD staff swung into action, determined to maintain service to the school districts and students in its vast service area, which includes Umatilla, Morrow, Union and Baker Counties. Part of the operation moved immediately to a temporary facility, though the permanent office stayed open for business despite the damage.

"We called PACE right away," said Beth O'Hanlon, IMESD's chief financial officer. "The flood caused around half a million dollars of damage, and we're thankful we had PACE coverage." Without that coverage, the event could have been a financial disaster, O'Hanlon added.

The superintendent of IMESD, Dr. Mark Mulvihill, praised PACE's timely response to the crisis. "The flood could have significantly impacted our daily operations," Mulvihill said. "However, PACE's speedy response and professionalism throughout the process enabled us to quickly `get back to business' as usual."

But the financial backstop of the IMESD's policy with PACE was only part of the picture. Helping with the recovery was equally important.

"Everyone at PACE was just wonderful to us," O'Hanlon said. "They were very professional, and they knew exactly what we needed. Their adjuster was on the scene that very morning with guidance and advice."

Up front, PACE provided $100,000 for immediate cleanup and repair services, which started without delay including:

  • Cleaning up the mess, installing new drywall and replacing the carpets.
  • Replacing a piece of specialized equipment, the ESD's ruined $38,000-audiology booth

Within a month, the Intermountain Education Service District was almost back to normal.

"From the very beginning, PACE knew exactly what to do for us," O'Hanlon said. "The adjuster had contacts with companies that specialize in this kind of cleanup and repair. Having PACE in our corner made a huge difference for us."

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