Pre-loss legal services

Get advice you can trust before a situation gets out of control. PACE members have access to full-time attorneys who are experienced in dealing with education and employment related issues. They are able to offer advice, investigation, defense and audit services.


  • Reduce the time and money you spend in legal disputes.
  • Access to expert attorneys with vast experience in school issues ready to advise members and provide defense, investigation and audit services.


  • Free legal consultation ($1,000 per incident)
  • Waiver of most employment practice deductibles if you use this service before you decide to terminate an employee.
  • Toll-free access – Call 1-800-578-6722 and ask to speak to a pre-loss attorney.
  • Submit an inquiry now

Examples of when to call a pre-loss attorney

  • Personal injury on school property – Whether it’s a student injured at sports practice or a parent injured while attending a school event, our staff can often help avoid a lawsuit.
  • Employee termination – Most PACE deductibles are waived If your district consults with a PACE pre-loss attorney prior to making an employment termination or suspension decision.
  • Student or employee harassment, bullying, discrimination or retaliation – Our staff can assist with the investigation and follow-up to minimize liability and resolve the situation.
  • Inappropriate staff/student relationships – Our staff attorneys can assist with investigation, communications with the community, the press, law enforcement and other attorneys; employment decisions; staff training; and meeting with your safety team. 
  • Review of Indemnification Provisions – Before you sign a contract, run it by pre-loss staff to make sure you're protected.  PACE attorneys routinely review all types of indemnification provisions.
  • Risk management for student activities and review of waivers – If someone suggests a fun activity, call our staff attorneys to discuss ways to make it safe.
  • Title IX – Our staff is able to review your entire athletic program for compliance. Our staff attorneys often highlight potential issues and suggest reasonable solutions to make sure your organization is in compliance.

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Download the PACE pre-loss brochure (658k This file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.).