Free trainings for PACE members

PACE membership provides access to tools and resources to help prevent problems and respond appropriately if they occur. These classes are free for PACE members. If a topic you’re interested in isn’t listed, PACE is happy to tailor workshops to fit specific needs.

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List of mandatory and recommended non-curricular training for employees.

Personnel and labor

  • So now you’re a supervisor – Now’s your chance to learn what they didn’t tell you about being a supervisor. Get a checklist of things supervisors need to know and practical tips for starting off on the right foot.
  • Performance management – Not all evaluation systems are created equal. From documentation to progressive discipline to plans of assistance and more, gain practical tools and learn successful employee management practices.
  • Administering OFLA/FMLA – Become familiar with the Oregon Family Leave Act and federal Family and Medical Leave Act to manage staff leave smoothly and appropriately.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act – Understand when the Americans with Disabilities Act applies and avoid discrimination based on disability. Learn what constitutes a reasonable accommodation and how to handle job interviews, post-offer discussions, leaves of absences and reinstatement.
  • Effective hiring practices – Good hiring practices can eliminate legal risks, reduce costs and improve staff morale. Learn legal requirements for evaluating job applications, conducting effective reference and background checks and managing all phases of the hiring process to avoid discrimination.
  • Conducting investigations – Get it right the first time and protect the rights of all parties. This session walks you through the steps of conducting an error-free investigation. Learn when and how to investigate and make judgment calls needed to reach resolution.
  • Resolving conflicts – Learn effective methods for resolving conflicts that occur naturally in the workplace. This session helps participants learn to create collaborative relationships and apply effective problem-solving techniques.


  • Arson awareness and prevention – Learn to reduce arson risk using Oregon Fire Marshal information and PACE best practices.
  • Playground hazard identification – Learn how to inspect equipment, what to look for to reduce risks and best practices for keeping playgrounds safe for students.
  • General hazard identification – Benefit from PACE experience. This class provides resources to mitigate risks in shops, art departments, stages and elsewhere in your facilities.
  • AIA construction contract modifications (OSBA online course) – Protect your organization’s interests throughout the course of a construction project by implementing construction contract modifications. Identify and examine common issues before entering into construction contracts.
  • Fire extinguisher use – Learn the basics of fire extinguisher use, different types of fires and fire extinguishers and how to conduct required inspections. Then, put your knowledge to the test by extinguishing a real fire!

Student safety

  • Preventing school violence – Learn to recognize, prevent, manage and mitigate threats of violence. Advance planning, appropriate policies and staff training can help prevent a threat or keep it from escalating.
  • Bus driver safety – Learn basic principles of defensive driving. Discuss different scenarios, what can be done to mitigate potential losses and best practices. Attendees earn 2 hours of Oregon Department of Education credits.
  • CPR and first aid – Learn the newest guidelines for using CPR, first aid and automated external defibrillators.
  • Bullying – Learn to recognize bullying, apply effective prevention techniques and take appropriate corrective action.
  • Identifying grooming behavior – Get tools to identify and prevent improper staff and student relationships. Learn how to respond to inappropriate staff behavior.
  • Student supervision – Get information on policies, supervision, equipment and best practices to protect students and prevent playground injuries. Learn the finer points of student supervision and reduce potential liability in the classroom, on the playground, on the bus, on field trips and more.

Legal issues

  • Sexual harassment – Understand legal and policy requirements, recognize illegal sexual harassment, learn how to handle complaints effectively and take appropriate corrective action.
  • Top 20 things supervisors do to get sued – Take note of the top 20 things supervisors do to get sued – and don’t do them! Learn why employees file lawsuits and get tips to help you handle litigious situations.
  • Physical education and sports liability – Learn to develop good policies and procedures to respond to physical education and athletic injuries. Manage after-effects and prepare solid accident reports. Make sure activities and athletic programs comply with Title IX.
  • Fundraising liability – Develop good policies and procedures to protect your district from embezzlement, Title IX and Oregon School Activities Association violations and other issues caused by outside fundraising groups.
  • Employment discrimination – Learn state Bureau of Labor and Industries laws and administrative rules, understand employer obligations and avoid violating employment discrimination laws.
  • Employee sexual conduct – State law now requires training for school employees in preventing, identifying and reporting employee sexual misconduct. Learn to screen applicants, respond if sexual misconduct occurs and identify what records to disclose.