Online Training with SafeSchools and SafeColleges

PACE has partnered with the leading web-based staff training system. SafeSchools® and SafeColleges® courses are 100 percent school-focused and authored by more than 50 of the country’s foremost school safety experts. The program is currently used in over 2,500 entities nationwide and is operated by Vector Solutions. In policy year 2017-18, 193 Oregon school districts, charter schools, ESDs and Community Colleges completed over 503,249 courses online.

15 courses are available to PACE members at no charge. The entire library of over 200 courses is available at a reduced rate of $1 per FTE.

SafeSchools® courses

  • Oregon Sexual Conduct (mandatory annual training)
  • Oregon Sexual Conduct, Parent Version
  • Oregon Child Abuse (mandatory annual training)
  • Oregon Child Abuse, Parent Version
  • Oregon Bullying Primer
  • Bullying Prevention, Complete Course
  • Discrimination: Avoiding Discriminatory Practices
  • Gang Awareness and Prevention
  • Online Safety: Cyberbullying
  • Online Safety: Threats of Violence
  • School Violence and Weapons
  • Sexual Harassment: Staff-to-Staff (mandatory periodic training)
  • Sexual Harassment: Student Issues (mandatory periodic training)
  • Sports Supervision and Safety

See SafeSchools Course Bundle here

SafeColleges® courses

  • Oregon Child Abuse: Identification & Intervention, Full Course
  • Oregon Child Abuse: Identification & Intervention, Refresher
  • Conflict Management: Staff-to-Staff
  • Dating Violence: Identification & Intervention
  • Discrimination: Avoiding Discriminatory Practices
  • Diversity Awareness
  • FERPA: Confidentiality of Records
  • Gang Awareness
  • Reasonable Suspicion for Drug & Alcohol Use
  • Sexual Harassment: Policy & Prevention
  • Sexual Harassment: Staff-to-Staff
  • Sports Supervision and Safety
  • Visual Weapons Screening
  • Workplace Bullying

See SafeColleges Course Bundle here

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