PACE member coverage discount

PACE GL Credit image 

PACE offers a 5 percent general liability premiums discount to members who complete the following surveys.

Before starting the surveys, make sure you have all the pieces.

Options to receive the 5% GL Credit:

  1. Complete both online surveys for each type of entity:
    1. K-12
      K-12 EPL:
      K-12 BI:
    2. Community Colleges 
      CC EPL:
      CC Mandatory Reporting & SaVE Act:


  1. Distribute your workplace discrimination and harassment policies (GBA, GBN/JBA and GBNA) to all staff.
  2. Train all staff regarding discrimination and harassment, and save the agenda and attendance sign-in sheet. 
  3. Train administrative staff (who have not received the training already (i.e., new staff)), and save the agenda and attendance sign-in sheet:   
    1. Hiring practices
    2. Supervisory practices
    3. Termination process
  4. Conduct an administrative review of your entity’s workplace discrimination and harassment, hiring, supervision/evaluation and termination practices.
  5. Training on Boundary Invasion ( K-12) or Mandatory Reporting & SaVE Act (Community College).
  6. Take online surveys.

Helpful downloads:

  • PACE coverage guide (2.07mb This file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.)
  • Boundary Invasion resources
  • Employment Practices Liability resources