PACE member services

As the only risk pool designed especially for Oregon education organizations, PACE offers services customized to meet the unique needs of public education organizations in Oregon.


  • Saves you money by providing free and low-cost assistance to reduce risk and get help before problems happen.
  • Saves you time by providing pre-selected services that don't require contract bidding or extensive hours researching vendors.


  • PACE legal services.
  • Expert claims management.
  • Insurance for groups using school facilities for non-school events through the Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP).
  • Crisis management services - You won't face a crisis alone. Contact PACE staff to help you deal with legal issues and media attention.
  • Risk management support:
    • Criminal background checks - Five free background checks each year.
    • Drug and alcohol testing - Five free tests each year.
    • Free onsite risk management inspections - Avoid liability and losses by taking a fresh look at vocational shops, gymnasiums, playgrounds, weight rooms, art and science classrooms, kitchens and other school facilities. Risk managagment teams visit facilities to conduct inspections, answer questions and offer training.
    • Written safety plan review.    
  • Online claims, property and vehicle information.
  • Arson awareness program.
  • PACE Awards Program in recognition of the outstanding programs and individuals who contribute greatly to the success of the PACE program.
  • Partners in Prevention matching safety funds.
  • Online reference library.