PACE sets goals for next year and beyond

PACE trustees held a brainstorming session at their regular July meeting to plan goals for 2014.
Betsy Miller-Jones, OSBA's executive director, facilitated the meeting, which was held in Bend.
"We want to superimpose a 30,000-foot level of focus on the strategic plan," she said. "I want to make it a meaningful conversation. Let's start with these questions: What is the fundamental work of PACE? What does PACE have to do to succeed?
A lively exchange of definitions followed from board members.

Phil Wentz: "Risk management."

Terry Lenchitsky: "Preventing losses."

John Rexford: "We have to provide a good value exchange for our customers...we have to have the best coverage for the lowest cost."

Phil Long: "We have to stay current and use best practices."
And so it went. Board members made lists of PACE accomplishments and discussed how, since PACE is a risk pool, participants need to work together to keep costs down.
"People need to make the connection between the decisions they make and costs," said Lisa Freiley, OSBA's director of legal, labor and PACE services.
Others said PACE needs to emphasize the breadth and quality of its services to differentiate itself from competitors.
Miller-Jones divided the discussion topics into four subject areas: Education/resources, marketing to agents and members, legislation and fiscal stability.
Trustees will measure progress toward meeting their goals over the coming year.