PACE meets member service expectations

Property and Casualty Coverage for Education (PACE) members appreciate the services they receive from the insurance pool and its staff, with highest ratings going to crisis management, the new PACE website and trainings and workshops. In a report to PACE Trustees at their September 30 meeting, OSBA Director of Communications Tricia Yates shared these and other results of the 2013 PACE membership survey. Yates said more than 84 percent of survey respondents are both satisfied with PACE and consider the program a value to their organization. Respondents rated PACE staff as knowledgeable, professional and polite. The biggest issues facing respondent organizations' property and casualty needs are cost, risk of litigation, risks to property and employee issues.

In other business, the trustees received an extensive investment update from PACE's new investment services company, Russell Investments. Russell Regional Director Crissie Fortmeyer and Client Executive Greg Coffey briefed the trustees on PACE's investment portfolio and provided educational information about investment styles, strategies and options.

PACE Trustees had a subsequent, lengthy discussion of methods of investing current income versus total returns. The group considered information about a 70 percent fixed income, 30 percent equity portfolio, as well as a 60 percent fixed income, 40 percent equity portfolio for PACE. After due consideration, PACE Trustee Chair Adam Stewart affirmed the group's consensus that OSBA Director of Legal, Labor and PACE Services Lisa Freiley has the authority to invest up to 40 percent in equities, as per current policy.

Finally, the trustees received an update on PACE Day, scheduled in Eugene for April 25, 2014. Staff from SDAO (Special Districts Association of Oregon) and OSBA are working to secure keynote speakers to highlight school safety and liability reduction themes for the conference.