PACE’s new boundary invasion toolkit promotes student safety

Property and Casualty Coverage for Education (PACE) is continuing to distribute and provide guidance on the Boundary Invasion Toolkit, a new packet of materials designed to identify and prevent sexual contact and misconduct between Oregon school employees and students.

PACE plans to distribute the toolkit in two main ways. The first will be through personal meetings with department heads within districts and individual schools throughout Oregon over the next nine months. This in-person training allows PACE to answer questions and clarify issues, conduct assessments of programs and policies already in place, and educate member districts on legal compliance and keeping kids safe. PACE will schedule these one-hour trainings with each district. In the meantime, member districts need to be prepared to report to PACE on their current boundary invasion safety programs. Members can also call 1-800-285-5461 for more information.

The second channel of distribution is on the PACE website, and member school districts are encouraged to access the toolkit (member log-in required). The toolkit is in the form of a downloadable packet, which includes sample policy, reporting forms, a FAQ list, and a comprehensive PowerPoint for educating teachers and staff.

The toolkit materials act as aids to member districts as they seek to keep premium costs down and reduce legal liability. The whole packet is designed to identify and address potential boundary invasion issues and is centered on prevention and saving money for districts up front. As sex-related liability claims drop in number, insurance costs – and member premiums – are also reduced. Those savings can translate to dollars that districts can instead spend on improving student achievement. Most importantly, a drop in claims means that students are safer, creating a more stable learning environment in which they can flourish.

“At the end of the day, we are all about the kids,” said Scott Neufeld, PACE director of risk management. “And this shows it.”