Free legal advice minimizes members’ costs and reduces risk

Get advice you can trust – before a situation gets out of control. PACE’s free legal services minimize your costs and reduce risk with money-saving legal advice before a lawsuit is filed. As a PACE member, you are entitled to up to $1,000 in free legal consultation per incident. (Legal service beyond that is billed by the hour.)

Call PACE if you face these high-risk situations:

Personal injury on school property
Whether it’s a student injured at sports practice or a parent injured while attending a school event, our staff will walk you through the steps to help avoid a lawsuit.

Employee termination
If your district calls to consult with a PACE pre-loss attorney prior to making an employment termination or suspension decision, the $25,000 deductible for that termination or suspension case will be waived. (The waiver of the deductible does not apply if your deductible is greater than $25,000.)

Student or employee harassment, bullying, discrimination or retaliation
Call as soon as you receive notice of a complaint. We can assist with investigation and follow-up to minimize liability and resolve the situation.

Inappropriate staff/student relationships
Pre-loss staff can assist with the investigation; ending the employment relationship; communicating with the press, the community, criminal attorneys and law enforcement; training staff on prevention; and meeting with your safety team.

Contract review
Before you sign a contract, run it by pre-loss staff to make sure you’re protected. PACE attorneys routinely review all types of business contracts, including construction, school resource officer and medical services agreements. 

Risk management for student activities and review of waivers
If your staff suggest an activity, call pre-loss staff to discuss ways to make it safer.

Human resources
Our human resources consultants will work with you to understand the components of effective plans of assistance so you know how to work with your staff to implement these plans and protect yourself from liability. For human resources- and labor relations-related questions, contact Peggy Stock, OSBA labor and PACE services consultant.

Title IX
Pre-loss staff can highlight potential issues and review your entire athletic program for compliance.

Special education
Call to discuss questions or concerns related to student identification and eligibility, parental rights, appropriate IEP implementation and other matters.

PACE Pre-loss advice does not include information about the following:

  • Board policies
  • Board member qualifications
  • Board elections
  • Board development (including, but not limited to, public records and meetings, charter schools, public contracting, transfers and staff training requirements)

If you have questions about any of the above areas, please direct your inquiries to Board Development and Policy Services Director Peggy Holstedt or (503) 588-2800.

PACE Pre-loss Team

Meg Rowe, pre-loss attorney, is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law. She has provided legal services to a variety of public entities, including the Oregon Department of Jus-tice and the Oregon Supreme Court.

Ben Becker, attorney, graduated from Willamette University College of Law and joined the PACE team in 2010.
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