Keep your students safe with SafeSchools/SafeColleges Alert

PACE is excited to introduce a new, web-based tip line as part of a partnership with SafeSchools and SafeColleges.

This SafeSchools/SafeColleges Alert System will help your school or district comply with ORS 339.356 by providing students, parents and staff a way to confidentially or anonymously report any safety concern – including bullying, harassment and intimidation – to your administration 24/7.

As a district or school, you can receive tips in four convenient ways: phone, text message, email and website. Every tip is immediately logged into your own customizable SafeSchools Alert System and appropriate administrators are notified via email.

Workflows allow administrators to easily delegate tips to colleagues who can investigate and manage tips to resolution.

Learn more by visiting the SafeSchools Alert website.

To sign up for your custom SafeSchools or SafeColleges Alert System or to ask questions, email Scott Neufeld at