Results of the 2014 PACE Membership Survey

The Communication Services team presented a report on the results of the 2014 Property and Casualty Coverage for Education (PACE) Membership Survey to the PACE Trustees at their March 2 meeting. The survey targeted all 267 PACE member entities from around the state of Oregon, with the purpose of assessing those individual member entities’ perceptions of the services they receive through PACE.

The report summarized the findings of the survey, which showed that PACE members appreciate the services they receive from the insurance pool and its staff. Most respondents (86.5%) believe PACE is valuable to their organization, and a large majority of respondents (90.6%) stated they were satisfied with being part of PACE. Respondents described PACE staff as “helpful,” “professional,” “knowledgeable” and “responsive.” The biggest issues facing respondent organizations' property and casualty needs are cost, age of buildings and threat of liabilities. Additionally, almost 85 percent of respondents were aware that PACE offers a 5 percent discount on general liabilities premiums for the 2015-16 school year for member districts that meet the requirements in the PACE Boundary Invasion Toolkit.

After reviewing the survey results, PACE staff pinpointed the areas to proactively respond to the concerns and needs of its members. Those findings and other aspects of the survey results are listed in the full report, which can be found here.