Trustees approve “Learn and Save Program” incentive

Trustees of the Property and Casualty Coverage for Education (PACE) Board approved a new member benefit program at their May meeting. Scott Neufeld, director of risk management, explained that through the new “Learn and Save” program, PACE members could potentially receive up to 2 percent back on their General Liability (GL) premiums.

The Trust approved a 1 percent discount for member entities that have at least one representative in attendance at the Standard Response Protocol Training presented by John-Michael Keyes during the 2015-16 policy year. There is also an additional 1 percent discount for member entities that have at least one representative in attendance at the Risk Coordinator Training presented by PACE staff during the 2015-16 policy year. This credit will be assigned to the members’ 2016-17 GL premiums.

The 2 percent GL premium discount is in addition to the 5 percent discount already in place for successfully implementing the PACE Boundary Invasion Toolkit.

In other business, the Trustees approved a 2015-16 proposed budget. Once again, PACE members could see a 2 percent average rate increase. Mike Doherty, PACE's chief financial officer, told trustees that this benefit is because of current projections, including adding $100 million in earthquake coverage.

Lisa Freiley, OSBA director of labor and PACE services, outlined successes from the recent PACE Day: Safe and Secure Schools in Eugene. Freiley noted that attendees submitted evaluations expressing that this year’s speakers and topics were useful. To read about PACE Day: Safe and Secure Schools, click here.

Kate Wilkinson, OSBA director of litigation services, reported how PACE pre-loss is useful to members. She said that all litigation department staff have been handling calls recently, with the topics of employee management and tort liabilities at the top of mind for callers.

Geoff Sinclair, director of claims services, reported on the PACE claims audit that was just completed. The independent audit adjusters reviewed 191 claims files and provided PACE with a 97 percent score.