WINTER storm impacts - IDA Process

Initial Damage Assessment (IDA)

In order to assess the magnitude and impact of the winter storm event (snow, ice, flooding, etc.), the Oregon Office of Emergency Management is asking those counties that have impacts to conduct an Initial Damage Assessment (IDA) for public infrastructure.  However, if you have impact beyond public infrastructure please report it.

For example, damage to homes and businesses or negative economic impacts. If your jurisdiction had no significant impacts, let us know by responding to this email with “no impacts” in the subject line.

Infrastructure (Public Assistance) Initial Damage Assessment Field Data Collection Form


Who completes this form?

  • County Departments
  • Cities
  • Certain Private Non-profit Organizations
  • Special Districts

Forms for Public infrastructure IDA can be found on the following link:


Forms are available on the PACE website.  

Complete forms, and submit to Julie Slevin with at cc to Clint Fella by Feb. 01, 2017.