PACE Pre-loss welcomes a new staff member to the team

PACE is pleased to welcome Callen Sterling to our pre-loss legal team. Callen joins us from Linn County, where she held the position of deputy county attorney. She graduated from Willamette University College of Law and has been practicing law in the public sector for the last several years.

Our pre-loss attorneys provide advice you can trust before a situation gets out of control, providing  members access to full-time attorneys who are experienced in dealing with education and employment related issues such as:

  • Personal injury on school property
  • Employee termination
  • Student or employee harassment, bullying, discrimination or retaliation
  • Inappropriate staff/student relationships
  • Review of indemnification provisions
  • Review student activity forms and waivers

Contact Callen and our other PACE pre-loss attorneys at 1-800-578-6722 or by email at