Attorney discussed cyberbullying on OPB

Haley Percell, OSBA interim director of litigation services, discussed cyberbullying July 24 on OPB’s “Think Out Loud.”

“Students, administrators and parents should be educated about the proper use of electronic mediums and the potential consequences for cyberbullying, including student discipline, expulsion and criminal convictions,” Percell said.

Percell says that the recent cyberbullying case at Salem-Keizer’s Whiteaker Middle School is not an isolated incident and that cyberbullying is taking place in many Oregon school districts.

Listen to the cyberbullying discussion.

Percell worked as an employment law attorney before joining OSBA in 2011. She provides advice and litigation services to member school districts and recently helped give a presentation at OSBA’s Summer Board Conference for school board members on preventing cyberbullying.