PACE offers trainings to prepare districts for real-world challenges

 Photo of a training class in Seaside, OR

More than 40 people gathered Friday and Saturday in Seaside for a PACE-sponsored threat assessment training.
John Van Dreal, school psychologist and director of Safety and Risk Management Services for the Salem-Keizer School District, led the training. He explained the prevention system he has developed and how it can keep schools and students safe.
“We are not a discipline process. Our goal isn’t to remove kids from schools. Our goal is to keep kids in schools, where we can supervise them and change their behavior to be more pro-social and be part of our community,” Van Dreal said. “In other words, we’re trying to get them focused on academics, lead them to positive behavior and make them better citizens.”
The training’s objective is to bring school threat assessment teams together to address safety concerns. In addition to school district staff, members of local law enforcement, county mental health and juvenile justice systems joined the sessions.
Attendees received materials containing Van Dreal’s comprehensive threat assessment and management system, called the Salem-Keizer Model, including worksheets to help determine the most appropriate course of action.

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